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An organic case alternative for lateral flow assays to test COVID, or any other single use testing.


Every time you do a lateral flow coronavirus test, you throw away around 10g of plastic. If every adult and secondary school student in the UK did the recommended two tests a week, it would produce more than 1,000 tonnes of rubbish every seven days. In less than a month this would fill an Olympic-size swimming pool.

When people take a test in a health center, all the materials are protected as dangerous infectious biological waste that, although they are materials that can be recycled, do not undergo the processes that they should like any other type of garbage.

Any medical material that comes into contact with any infectious biological entity from any medical procedure, it must be incinerated to avoid any spread of disease, however, in all that logistics process such as storage and transportation of waste, they use space, personnel , money or even there is a risk of accidents or minor spreads.

What would happen if we generate a product that eliminates all those processing schemes and also helps to not burn waste?



New materiality application with an innovative twist to achieve 100% biodegradability and water-dispersible to solve medical waste management worldwide.



The organic case grants water dispersibility in less than 5 minutes and ground biodegradability in less than 4 weeks.*


It is designed to be taken at home and disposed of in the toilet thanks to its degradable and dispersible capacities in contact with water.

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Designed by Luis Fernando Sanchez Barrios and Daniel López Velasco

Daniel López Velasco

Okos Diagnostics

Luis Fernando Sanchez Barrios

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